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In recent years, Naxalites have spread into less developed areas of rural central and eastern India, such as Chhattisgarh and Essay on naxalism Pradesh through the activities of underground groups like the Communist Party of India Maoist.

Dilipkumar Roy

But while the Naxalite movement thrives on the original spirit of Naxalbari, the Maoist struggle is an outcome of the uprising. The government fails to implement the different incentives to be provided in exchange of their land. Inhe was given the Nehru Peace Prize by India. The maoist uprising in Nepal too came as a shot in the arm for the PWG.

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This forged his determination to embrace music as a vocation. He often thought of liberating his people from this pitiable condition. The West Bengal police fought back to stop the Naxalites.

Thus Majumdar declared an "annihilation line", a dictum that Naxalites should assassinate individual "class enemies" such as landlords, businessmen, university teachers, police officers, politicians of the right and left and others. His father was the chief of Thembu tribe.

A separate offshoot from the beginning was the Maoist Communist Centrewhich evolved out of the Dakshin Desh group. The Naxals lure people with vulnerable livelihood, fishermen, bamboo cutters, farmers and daily labourers.

Naxalism Essay

Naxalite leader Kappu Devaraj from Andhra Pradesh is included in the list of killed in the incident. In the name of Urbanization, government is taking away their lands. Firstly, Naxal terrorism is not an emotive issue at the national level like the insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mandela, Sisulu and other leaders were tried for treason in but were freed in The civilians and media can play an important role in making the Naxalites realise that India is a democratic country and it offers legitimate forums for grievance redressal.

Byit was estimated that around 30 Naxalite groups were active, with a combined membership of 30 Importantly, this plan included funding for grass-roots economic development projects in Naxalite-affected areas, as well as increased special police funding for better containment and reduction of Naxalite influence in these areas.

Nelson Mandela has come to symbolise human struggle against racial discrimination. The Front Organisations aim to provide short-term democratic subterfuge to cover-up the totalitarian and oppressive nature of the Maoist ideology. East West Journal stated that the book was, " Of the total money collected by the State Committees and the Special Zones, 30 per cent goes to the Central Committee.

If the government could construct a road, the rebels would have lost; if the rebels could continue thwarting road development, the government would have lost. Maoists work with an agenda and use weapons to achieve their aims.

The operation was choreographed in Octoberand Lt. In the early 50s, two patriotic songs composed by Roy "Ham bharatke" and "Nishan uncha, kadam badha" appealed to the General Cariappawho wanted to include them in the official list of marching songs for the Indian Army.

Naxalite–Maoist insurgency

Ray had taken advantage of his family background and learnt scores of popular and classical compositions. One realizes - how popular art admits far fewer boundaries than sophisticated art.

Short Essay on Naxalism in India

In one of his letters to Roy, the poet admitted: The ceasefire declared by PWG applies only in Andhra Pradesh and not in the neighbouring states and this does not represent shift in the strategy of the PWG which has stepped up militant activities in adjacent states.

Landless farmers and peasants felt cheated for being denied Luhiv ble lands. A was followed by the exposure of P.Enter your email address to subscribe to Insights IAS and receive notifications of new posts by email. We are providing many paragraphs, long essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words here.

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Naxalite–Maoist insurgency

The government has proposed a three-pronged strategy to combat Naxalism: Gain confidence of local people by taking up more welfare related activities. Insights Weekly Essay Challenges – Week Age of Big Data: Data is the New Oil, History is its oldest bank.

A Naxal or Naxalite [pronunciation?] is a member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). The term Naxal derives from the name of the village Naxalbari in West Bengal, where the movement had its origin.

NAXALISM: A GREAT THREAT TO NATION. The problem of Naxalism is more dangerous than any other form of violence in India, either terrorism or religion or caste related violence. The number of people died in Naxalite violence is more than the deaths caused by .

Essay on naxalism
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