Of vertical integration at the indian railways

Railway stations are classified into categories based on their daily revenue collection and out of the stations within A and A1 category, 12 stations were handed over to IRSDC for redevelopment.

The Board has total 10 directors, as on date. Having permitted entry of private players in the relevant market any attempt to restrict, inhibit, foreclose competition thereon cannot be justified on account of pleas such as social obligations, likely loss of revenue, diversion of traffic etc.

It has been gathered that after the filing of information, RC 30 has been replaced by RC He was involved in the transformation of the urban transportation sector of the country. He says that railway stations must not just be looked upon as a place for only travel and transportation, but as a place for exchange of ideas and promotion of lifestyle and culture.

In the given scenario setting up an independent regulator may help in resolving some of the concerns. What areas should it diversify into?

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The investigation has also brought out the impediments and constraints being faced by the private CTOs in effectively competing in the relevant market which need to be addressed for the PPP initiative to succeed.

Whether the dominant enterprise as established above has abused its position to the detriment of competition? Commission does not agree with the argument of MoR. They were able to streamline efficiency even further by owning distribution. The jurisdictional issues will be examined first.

Explain the significance of marketing strategy for soft drink manufacturers: We are all too familiar with the air pollution crisis that states like Delhi and Punjab are experiencing.

The parties as on today certainly propose to act upon that agreement. Issues pertaining to maintenance of wagons. The Commission agrees that even in the case of 'anti-competitive' agreement, the parties are not liable for infringement prior to Development of Railway Stations As part of the lecture series on Public Transport planning organized by the Center of Excellence in Urban Transport, the first lecture focusses on Indian Railways Stations Redevelopment which is an initiative of the Ministry of Railways.

Later on when as a result of various environmental issues the ship recycling activity started to decline, the group diversified in steel scrap trading. While transportation through road is generally considered more suitable for shorter distance, movement on railway network is generally more appropriate for long distance.

Now, as the country rapidly evolves into the online space, a budding middle-class evolves with it. Which type of international strategy is Kalyani Group adopting? It is a process which starts sometimes two years prior to the expected date of operation, as every component of the system from tracks to signalling to rolling stock is thoroughly analyzed.

Further, MOR Group is performing multiple responsibilities of the policy maker, regulator, infrastructure and service provider, operator in the relevant market.

So, why exactly are they so price-conscious? The question here is whether this agreement, which was valid until coming into force of the Act, would continue to be so valid even after the operation of the law. PhD thesis, University of Leeds. The agreement also lacks clarity on the scope of the operations of the CTOs.

Or have something to share? However, for optimum utilization of resources it is desirable that to the extent possible, existing infrastructure is accessible to all on reasonable terms. There is also an inherent conflict of interest emerging out of the multiple roles.

E-commerce is cost advantageous by cutting out physical stores, but vertically integrated E-commerce saves even more money, and also works to cut costs for the consumer without sacrificing product quality.

These stations would also act as a hub for multi-modal transport integration and considering the high decadal growth of urbanization in India, the stations would be planned for a development period of 40 years. Pass any other order that the Hon'ble Commission may deem fit.

Before discussing the issue, let us analyse the profile of MoR and the history of the two enterprises. States initially considered Metro to be a modified tram, as tramways came under purview of the state Government, but the metro fell within the category of Railways as interpreted by the Government of India therefore part of the central government.

He justified this argument by giving the case of Jammu station which was developed in the s almost 10 km from the city center, and how the city gradually expanded towards the station making itself the city center and one of the poshest areas of the city today. It has also emerged that the instructions issued in this regard in March stipulated maintenance of status quo, thereby implying that CONCOR continued to access large number of sidings, whereas CTOs who had entered the business recently could not do business from these sidings.

Imposition of supplementary obligation in violation of sec 4 2 d of the Act. Hence, the size and importance of the competitors are insignificant in comparison to MOR Group and consequently MOR group hold economic power including commercial advantages over competitors.

In the Order, the Commission opined that the allegations brought out in the information, related to abuse of dominant position by the railways which were allegedly in contravention of the provisions of the Act.

MoR has monopolized this market by insisting that such maintenance of private railway rakes can only be sourced from MoR on payment basis, although it could have been done from other sources, thus restricting competition in the derivative aftermarket.

Prohibition to carry coal, coke, ores and minerals: The winner would receive a monetary award and also get the opportunity to work with the consultants and developers involved in the redevelopment project.Ludhiana railway station becomes the first railway station of the nation to sport a vertical garden!

The joint initiative of the Indian Railways Ferozpur division and the Income Tax department. The case elaborates the journey of Indian Railways during the past seven years, focuses on the strategies adopted by it for managing the changes and ultimately for generating profits of Rs.

Indian Railways: Tech is the New Normal

25, cr, and the challenges it has still to overcome to become world class. Vertical Integration Vertical integration occurs when a firm performs more than one activity in the sequence of the marketing process.

It is linking together of two or more functions in the marketing process with in a single firm or under a single ownership. For e.g. if a firm assumes wholesale as well as retailing, it is a vertical integration.

Funds Allocation and Expenditure on Gauge Conversion Projects on Indian Railways ( to ) Railway Zone-wise Funds Allocated and Utilised of Level Crossings (LCs) Projects in India ( to ) Vertical integration paving way to organised retailing in Indian poultry industry.

Indian Railways network plan to have more than such WILD installations in future. One of the installation locations is shown in Fig. 6. signal processing strategy and its integration with the existing brake system. No the parameters such as lateral acceleration and vertical acceleration exceeds. America runs and reforms railways the American way, following the regulation-deregulation paradigm.

The debt-laden Japanese Railways reformed it the Japanese way using a therapy of vertical integration, horizontal separation and .

Of vertical integration at the indian railways
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