The view from my mound

Since his first sight of the sinister footprints he had met with no more of these, but something about that slowly and deliberately moving mass peculiarly sickened him.

Red River Dam, View From The Deck Of Mound City

It had not, probably, been an elaborately paved trunk route; for the small tunnel it reached seemed scarcely like a main avenue to the outer world.

Since the herds did not seem to be very numerous, it would have perhaps been safe to venture out within a half-hour or less; but Zamacona took no chances.

It was when those lands had sunk that the Old Ones closed themselves up below and refused to deal with surface people. Please send information and questions to sannasus hotmail. Kneeling and digging, I felt the leathern cord around my neck tugged harder and harder, as something in the soil seemed to draw the heavy metal talisman more and more.

Though sadly, it is business as usual in Loliondo. We cannot help regretting that the Catholic ardour of Renaissance Spain had so thoroughly permeated his thought and feeling.

The Mound (short story)

Very little human construction, it was plain, had gone into this part of the tunnel; though occasionally a sinister cartouche or hieroglyphic on the wall, or a blocked-up lateral passageway, would remind Zamacona that this was in truth the aeon-forgotten high-road to a primal and unbelievable world of living things.

She entered the gap with a full head of steam on, pitched down the roaring torrent, made two or three spasmodic rolls, hung for a moment on the rocks below, was then swept into the deep water by the current, and rounded-to safely into the bank. It was simply as if the air thickened against them in the direction they wished to move.

It was the only elevation of any sort on the wide, level plain; and I could not doubt for a moment that it was an artificial tumulus. I decided to carry these latter things slung over my shoulder with a stout cord—for I soon saw that I could not hope for any helpers or fellow-explorers.

He did not believe the accounts of strange ways attributed by legend to the hidden people, for the experiences of the party had been such as to disillusion one regarding native myths of unknown lands; but he did feel that some sufficiently marvellous field of riches and adventure must indeed lie beyond the weirdly carved passages in the earth.

View from the Termite Mound

An urgent Interim Order from the Court addressed to the Attorney General of the United Republic of Tanzania, as the Chief Legal Representative of the Respondent State, to direct the Inspector General of Police and officers subordinate to him to cease and desist from harassing, intimidating or otherwise approaching or engaging the Applicants in this case, pending the hearing of Application No.

Upon what sort of a discovery had I stumbled? But the golden cities must be somewhere down there, he added, and perhaps a white man with the magic of the thunder-stick might succeed in getting to them. Not many people these days dare to communicate with me, and some of the few brave had, like me, not heard one word about these illegal arrests.

Local opinion was divided as to the motives and relative ghostliness of the two visions.

Welcome to the City of Mounds View

Not many ghost tales offer such free and open proof, and I was very eager to see what bizarre wonders might be lurking in this small, obscure village so far from the beaten path of crowds and from the ruthless searchlight of scientific knowledge.

Before the strange conversation was over, a good deal of data had passed in both directions. Before lighting his first torch and entering the opening with his ponderous pack, the Spaniard watched the lean form of the Indian scrambling hastily and rather relievedly upward among the trees.

The half-moon was still low, and had not blotted many stars from the sky; so that I could see not only the westering gleams of Altair and Vega, but the mystic shimmering of the Milky Way, as I looked out over the vast expanse of earth and sky in the direction that Compton pointed.

When I returned to the village I tried to secure more mound-lore, but found only excited gossip and opposition.mound (mound) n. 1. A pile of earth, gravel, sand, rocks, or debris heaped for protection or concealment. 2. A natural elevation, such as a small hill. 3. A group of things collected in a mass or heap: found his keys in a mound of laundry.

See Synonyms at heap. 4. often mounds A great deal; a lot: has mounds of homework to finish. 5. Archaeology A large. The mound in the story is located in Binger in Caddo County, which is a real town about 60 miles ( km) southwest of Oklahoma City.

He places the mound about a third of a mile west of Binger, an area where there are no mounds, which seems to make this geographic detail the only fictional part of its location. “MyView at Moundview” is your personal view into the electronic medical record that your hospital, doctors and nurses use to manage and document your care.

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The City of Mound is now using CodeRED for all community notifications by E-mail, text messaging, phone calls, and through the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. Leaving the pick and shovel for the next day’s work, I took up my handbag, scrambled down the steep side of the mound, and in another quarter-hour was back in the village explaining and exhibiting my curious find.

The view from my mound
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