Writing a cover letter for magazine submission

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Literary Journal Submission

Expect to wait between four and six weeks for a response to your query. Meredith had never seen so much blood before. Member Services For questions, problems with receipt of Ms.

Book Cover Designs Whether you are creating a magazine, ebook or paperback book cover, a compelling design is essential for the success of the project.

The one thing Joe Writer might have done differently is address the letter to a person instead of to Fiction Attic Press. Pitch The pitch is the most important part of your letter.

Outpost Magazine Outpost Magazine looks for submissions about travel, adventure and culture. Your submission should be typed double-spaced on one side of the page only. If you have a contact with one of the readers, address the letter to that person.

Work with the editorial L. Review Time Our review time is between 2 to 6 months. Or, if you'd like to save on postage and paper, we will reply by email if you provide an email address for that purpose only.

Where can you find pitches? Stories range from words for a department to up to 2, words for a feature. I appreciate all the time and attention my work receives. If you have travel stories to tell, plenty of markets are more than willing to pay for your stories about destinations, tips and your experiences on the road.

Examples This is a simultaneous submission. Because of publication deadlines, our questions concerning editing often require a quick turnaround, meaning publication of your work could be jeopardized or delayed if you do not provide accurate contact information.

MsAndMe for US subscribers or for international subscribers, or e-mail us. These contributors will be compensated according to guidelines for regular Canadian contributors, receiving payment and two contributor copies. Tips Take the time to research relevant publishers for your work.

The Beginner's Guide To Freelance Writing

No first names, no nicknames. Read the listings carefully and selectively make your choices instead of mass mailing your manuscript to every publisher under a certain category, such as child-rearing or finances.

Business Cover Pages In the corporate world, the cover page design is largely dependent on the nature of the organization and the type of document you are producing.

Literary Journal Submissions 101

Blog Submissions To pitch the Ms. For submission guidelines, click here. Find the template that best suits your needs, download it, and quickly get started on your cover page project. Do not staple the pages together paper clips are permissible.

Please adhere to the following guidelines and do not submit more than twice in one submissions period third and subsequent submissions will neither be read nor returned.Just like all forms of freelance writing, short stories need introductory queries, or cover letters, attached when you submit them.

A cover letter containing misspellings and poor grammar will probably lead an editor to expect the same lack of professionalism in your manuscript. Thanks for your submission!

How to Write a Cover Letter for Manuscript Submissions

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Ninth Letter 's Literary Awards - Submissions Open March 6-April Ninth Letter is pleased to announce our fifth annual Literary Awards competition!

We'll be accepting entries from March 6, to April 30, for our Literary Awards in three categories: Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction. Home > News > How to Write a Cover Letter for a Literary Magazine Submission By Jane Campbell If you’ve submitted a piece to PRISM, you’ve probably noticed.

Importance Notice (September ): Please be aware that we have changed both the dates of our reading period and our submission guidelines. If you have submitted to us in the past, kindly take the time to familiarize yourself with our updated information.

Unlike the more complicated query letter you would send to a literary agent for a book project, a cover letter to a literary magazine contains only basic information about your writing submission and your author bio.

It is not a sales pitch or a flashy bid for attention.

Writing a cover letter for magazine submission
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